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By Steve McVey
Good Will Toward Men by Steve McVey


by Steve McVey

The brilliance of that one star was so bright that the whole night sky was illuminated by it. A new mother, who could have been as young as fourteen held her infant child close to her breast as she sat among the animals in the stable. Wise men worked their way toward a manger in eager anticipation of what they would find. Shepherds walked among the flock gently singing soothing melodies to the sheep.

Suddenly an angel appeared and the shepherds were terrified. "Don't be afraid," the angel told them. "I've come to bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people!" The men stood transfixed as the messenger from heaven announced the birth of Jesus.

As the messenger reached the end of his news, an angelic choir sang with an ineffable beauty that none of us could begin to imagine. "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men." In those few measures, the Incarnation of Emmanuel was summarized perfectly. "Good will toward men." The sound of those words still echoes through the corridor of time today.

As you enjoy the Christmas season this year, allow the promise of God's good will toward you to be your anchor in all of life. The God who spoke all things into existence has nothing but good will toward you. His intentions are to hold you in the Tri-Fold Embrace of the Godhead throughout the ages to come. He is holding you in His arms and no circumstance of your life can change that reality. In His arms, you are safe.

There may be threatening situations that temporarily jolt you emotionally, but you are safe because your God has good will toward you. You may gaze through the fog in an attempt to see the future and wonder what it holds, but you can know you are safe because your God has good will toward you. Life may change in ways that you didn't expect and don't like but you can know you are safe because your God has good will toward you.

There will be unexpected blessings to remind you that your Father has good intentions toward you. In your joys you can hear His laughter. In your peace, you can sense the kiss of His Spirit. In your loving relationships, you can sense the breath of His affection. He is with you and purposes good for you.

At Christmastime we celebrate Emmanuel - God with us. Through Jesus' birth, our God has forever established His solidarity with humanity. He has entered into the darkness of our weakness, our fears, and our doubts and whispers, "Fear not." His power sustains us in our weakness. His knowledge of all things makes our fears impotent. His Faith eclipses our doubts. He is with you and His intention toward you is good. Always good. It can never be any other way.

Receive the gift of His love and rest in His warm embrace. You are precious because He has bestowed His life and thus His value upon you. Allow the lyrics of the angelic hymn to become your personal song. May His peace and eternal good will toward you rest upon you in transforming ways during this season.

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